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Entry #5

Ass and titties

2/3/13 by supertomx65
Updated 2/3/13

yo its ya main man Rapmaster T in da house, suck my titties and ballz.


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2/7/13 supertomx65 responds:

Shit mang. Silent sam, who the mutahfucka are you and how the muthafuck did you find your way to my DIGITAL ONLINE INTERNET BIOGRAPHY PROFILE DISC SYSTEM?



lmao give me your account

2/7/13 (Updated 2/7/13) supertomx65 responds:

Man.. You'll have to fucking kill me first dawg! You drinkin' my sake kimo sabe? Don't wake the snake! SSssSS!

2 asses 4 titties

2/7/13 supertomx65 responds:

Yo mane, who goes there?